Points to Consider About E-Scrap

As electronic devices become more powerful and advanced, they have also become a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it allows people, businesses, and organizations to be more productive. On the other, the process of continually replacing technology has accrued a glut of e-scrap.

Recent studies from watchdog groups have revealed that a startling number of waste disposal companies are either getting rid of electronics improperly–or shipping them to other countries altogether. These practices have grave consequences, considering that devices like computer monitors, batteries, and circuit boards contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Studies conducted by the United Nations in 2017 reveal that the United States alone collected 1.4 million tons of e-waste.

How to Ensure You Are Doing the Right Thing

Given the apparent laxity in observing safe disposal practices, the practice of electronics recycling has fallen under tighter scrutiny. Even companies that specialize in computer recycling may not necessarily be observing best practices when it comes to disposal.

Considering these challenges, it is up to individuals and companies that utilize electronics disposal or hard drive shredding services to be diligent when choosing a contractor. When looking for a company, ensure that they adhere to disposal requirements as defined by the National Association for Instrument Destruction.

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