What is Data Destruction, and Why Do You Need It?

Whether you’re an office manager or a private individual, you’ll want to ensure you get professional data destruction whenever you recycle your computers and other smart devices like phones and tablets. Data destruction is the process of rendering information stored on electronics utterly unreadable by any methods. It’s a necessary failsafe for protecting your personal information, business data, and any details you’ve collected about clients.

Protecting Private Information

Many people assume that simply smashing a computer will make it impossible to retrieve data. Likewise, they think that they can wipe their information themselves before turning the device over for disposal. However, the truth is that most of the ways you “delete” your data don’t really remove it permanently; a determined thief can retrieve it without the right skills. Similarly, electronics are tougher than they look; even a demolished computer may still have readable information.

Data destruction ensures your confidential information will not fall into the wrong hands. It can be done in a few different ways, including overwriting, re-formatting, electronic shredding, and so on. Before you hand your devices over to a computer recycling facility, ask them about their data destruction services. If they don’t offer this service, you’re better off taking your e-scrap somewhere else.

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