A Short Guide to Electronic Waste Recycling

It can be very tempting to throw obsolete or broken electronics away to be taken to landfill. However, recycling electronic waste is a far better alternative and still removes this e-scrap from your home, helping you to declutter in an environmentally friendly way. Properly recycling electronic waste prevents the heavy metals found in these products from contaminating our soil and water. But which electronics can be recycled? Here are the top four common types of e-scrap that are easily recyclable:


There are 100 million phones purchased annually, and only 20 percent of those discarded are recycled. This means nearly 65,000 tons of this type of electronic waste accumulates every year. Phones are full of gold, silver, copper, and palladium that are easily recycled or sold back to phone manufacturers. These metals are precious, and there is only a certain amount in the world, so it’s important to reuse them wherever we can. Remember, phones contain batteries that can explode and leak dangerous acid if crushed, so it’s never a good idea to put one in your general waste anyway. Instead, you can look for scrap merchants county durham or one near your location to get at-home waste pickup and disposal.

Kitchen Appliances

If you have an old kettle, toaster or microwave lying around, don’t just throw it away. They contain plenty of metal that can be melted down and used again, or they can be fixed and used again. Washing machines and tumble dryers can also be stripped of their components and turned into new products, along with dishwashers and electric ovens. Fridges and freezers are harder to recycle because of the coolant chemicals in the back, but they should be placed on your drive to be picked up by your local authority. Staff trained by proper environmental training services in Tulsa or wherever you are will then drain the coolant and dispose of it safely.


Almost 130,000 computers are thrown into landfills daily. However, computers and peripheral equipment from mice and keyboards to copy machines should never be dumped in a landfill. Nearly all the components of these items are valuable and recyclable, from plastics and metals to glass. A reputable electronic waste recycling program is crucial for the proper handling of these materials. If you need a disposal service for commercial use, such as the business computers dumping, you can look for a dumpster rental that can pick up the recyclable products from your office.


Goodwill and The Salvation Army no longer take analogue televisions, and most municipalities prohibit the disposal of these items in landfills due to the amount of lead they contain. Fortunately, many manufacturers and retailers do take back and recycle old televisions for free. Also, check with your municipality regarding special disposal days or drop-off sites for this type of waste.

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