Tips for Reducing the Need for Recycling Services in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Technology is becoming more integrated into our daily lives. Sensors and semiconductors are being added to products that never used to have them, creating wearable tech, smart tablets, and TVs that can stream content from the internet, and much more. The waste created from this massive increase in electronics products has caused a huge upsurge in recycling services in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

The life span of devices is also getting shorter—many products will be thrown out once their batteries die and are replaced with new devices. Companies strategically plan their products’ obsolescence by updating the software or design and discontinuing support for older models. It is usually easier and cheaper to buy than to repair. Meanwhile, recycling services for recycling electronics have not kept pace, and the problem of e-waste is growing.

Here are three key things you can do to reduce the growth of electronic waste:

Trade-In to Upgrade

Upgrades are key to managing our lives and/or businesses efficiently. Many manufacturers of devices offer e-waste recycling programs if you inquire about them—for instance, Best Buy’s “buy-back-program” purchases old electronics for a reward or discount. Also, trading in your gadgets helps save raw materials, making building electronics cheaper and energy-efficient.

Local Recycling Services

At least 25 states have a statewide electronic waste program. California was the first state to implement an electronic recycling scrap program. Following California’s lead, 24 more states have since adopted e-waste recycling laws and programs in recent years.

Donate to Charity

To further reduce the need for electronic recycling services, you can give gently-used items a second life at local schools, non-profits, or community groups. They can help provide access to a world of technology and social connections that will make an important impact, both on the planet and the people empowered. Dell and Goodwill have partnered to collect electronics and have recently expanded their program to over 1,900 Goodwill locations.

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