Why Your Business Might Want Environment-Friendly Shredding Companies

Perhaps the biggest reason why many companies choose to shred unwanted documents is to enhance and maintain security. You may not have considered that document shredding isn’t just an effective way to reduce paper and boost internal security – shredding companies in Fort Lauderdale, FL, are also a critical factor in environmental sustainability. According to research conducted by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), the environmental impact of shredding documents is turning out to be tremendous.

Why Is Shredding Smart?

Most shredding companies use green or eco-friendly systems, ensuring that shredded material (and often e-waste as well) is recycled and re-used in useful formats. Shredded material is sometimes transformed into new consumer goods like paper towels and plates, reducing the number of trees cut down for new materials. Businesses and organizations that hire shredding companies can help improve environmental sustainability by reducing their waste in the environment.

Good for Business

Does your office really need to house all of the paper files and archives? If aper taking up valuable “real estate” in your office, shredding those documents will free up space to expand production or house new employees or equipment. Besides, it’s also important that you do everything you can to protect your customers’ and employees’ confidential data.

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