FAQ for Electronic Recycling

Electronic recycling might not always be at the forefront of our minds when it’s time to replace electronics. Companies like Fort Lauderdale Scrap Metal offer e-scrap recycling services that properly dispose of these materials so they can be reused. If you still have some questions about recycling electronics, you can read through this short list of FAQs to better understand how impactful it is to the environment.

What is Considered Electronic Waste?

Electronic waste can be any unwanted electronic equipment such as laptops, smart devices, used cables, batteries, fluorescent lights, and much more. Contacting the right company for disposal is always a good choice if you’re unsure what qualifies for e-scrapping. This includes asking if they offer computer recycling services, too.

Why is E-Scrap Bad for the Environment?

E-scrap or electronic waste is bad for the environment because not only does it end up in landfills, these items leak harmful materials into the earth’s soil. This includes mercury, lead, cadmium, and other dangerous substances that are also harmful to humans.

How can I Dispose of my Electronics Properly?

The best way to dispose of your electronics is to find a company that can do it for you. Just like taking items to the dump, these businesses have the right equipment and personnel to make the best use out of electronic waste.

Contact Fort Lauderdale Scrap Metal for more information about their electronic recycling services.

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