The Computer Recycling Process

When you have a pile of old laptop and desktop computers, monitors, printers, keyboards, and so on, you might have questions about computer recycling. Fort Lauderdale Scrap Metal has the answers. This blog post provides the information you need.

Computers are mainly recycled to either put them back into service with new owners or to re-use components that still have some life. The first step in the process is collecting them at a scrapyard. Once they have been gathered together, the next thing that happens is they are sorted manually by item type.

Some centers that offer computer recycling services will test devices to see if they are still in reasonably good working condition. If the product only needs minor updates, it can be upgraded and sold or donated to charity or second-hand computer shops after a complete hard drive wipe.

Skilled technicians manually disassemble computers that are not re-sold. Parts such as sound and graphic cards, drives, and keyboards will be taken apart. Many of these parts are sold to other businesses that can re-use the components for other computers.

The products are further broken down at some recycling services into categories of plastic, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, circuit boards, and cathode-ray tubes (CRT). CRTs contain hazardous materials such as lead and mercury. They are sent to facilities for lead removal. Other dangerous components, such as rechargeable batteries, are handled by recyclers who specialize in these items. You can learn more about computer recycling by contacting Fort Lauderdale Scrap Metal.

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