Ways to Prepare Your Catalytic Converter Scrap

If you have had your catalytic converter replaced recently and want to earn some money from the scrap metal, then you are in luck. Many buyers out there will pay good money for catalytic converter scrap. So, how do you prepare those old parts to ensure they are attractive to potential buyers? Here is a brief list of what you need to do to prepare your catalytic converter for electronics recycling:

Know Your Information about Catalytic Converters – Knowing the year, make, and model of the vehicle your catalytic converter is from can make a big difference when getting a quote for the scrap. The more information you know about your part, the better the chances are of getting a fair price.

Know If Your Part Is Aftermarket or Original – Original parts provide a higher price for scrap value than aftermarket parts. Knowing if your piece is original or aftermarket helps you set your expectations and ensure you get the right price for your scrap.

Don’t Take the Honeycomb Out – If you look inside of your catalytic converter scrap, you will notice a mesh-like structure inside known as a honeycomb. This part filters the exhaust fumes of your vehicle—it is also key to identifying the type of catalytic converter you have. Removing the honeycomb drastically reduces the value of the scrap.

Cut the Exhaust Pipes Off – Your catalytic converter is attached to your exhaust pipe. So, when the part is removed, there is a good chance that part of your exhaust will be removed as well. Unlike the honeycomb, you do want to remove this excess metal.

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