Computer Recycling Services: How to Wipe Your Old Computer Before Recycling?

When it comes time to buy a new computer, you might wonder what to do with your old one. If you want to help protect the environment, you might consider working with a company offering computer recycling services. This is a great idea, but you still want to ensure you do not leave any important or private information on your hard drive before you hand it over. So, how do you get your old computer ready for recycling?

The first step is to make sure you save any necessary data on a backup drive. Remember, you are going to be erasing everything, which means it will be gone forever if you don’t save it. Use an external hard drive, USB jump drive, or even cloud storage to save the documents you are going to want on your new computer.

Once you have saved what you want to keep, you will need to delete all of the data on the hard drive. Unfortunately, this isn’t as simple as dragging the files to the recycle bin and deleting cookies. The first step is manually deleting files from the system using a shredding program. These programs “shred” and overwrite several times, making retrieving deleted documents much harder.

Now that your files have been moved, deleted, and shredded, it is time to format your computer. This means restoring everything to the factory settings. This process is going to be different for different computers, but it is easy—even for novices.

Your clean and reformatted computer should now be safe to recycle without worry once you have completed these steps.

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