Is Electronic Recycling Profitable?

Working with a trusted electronic recycling company is one of the best ways to safely get rid of your old electronics while reducing the environmental impact. But why would there be a company willing to take your electronic recycling scrap—and is it something you could consider doing yourself? Let’s take a look!

Many obsolete electronics contain a variety of precious metals, including silver, gold, and platinum. While this fact might make you think there is a great wealth to be had hidden inside discarded computers, cellphones, laptops, and another tech, the truth is it takes a lot more than a bit of know-how and some manpower to extract a profit.

The truth is, there is an incredibly small number of precious metals inside a typical electronic device. And the relatively high cost of the labor and equipment needed to obtain it will cause those shiny visions of untapped riches to fade away. To make recycling electronics cost-effective, professional smelting and refining companies typically require a significant amount of disassembly, pre-processing, and sorting before taking the receipt of e-waste materials.

While the benefits of recycling electronic scrap far outweigh the downside, the truth is there is only a small profit to be made—even on larger scales. Companies specializing in e-waste recycling are those not in it just for money but those willing to deal with tight profit margins to help benefit the environment and the world at large.

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