How Much Should You Get for a Junk Car?

You know that junk cars aren’t going to get you as much money as one that was in good condition, but exactly how much can you expect to get for one when you call up that scrap metal yard to come and pick it up? The simple answer is that most junkyards pay around $250 to $500 cash for junk cars—but these prices may vary as scrap metal prices change.

The critical thing to remember when scrapping metal is that the bigger the car, the more cash you can expect to be offered. A smaller Honda Civic, for example, will probably net you on the lower end of the pay scale, while a much bigger Chevy Suburban will bring in more money. The vehicle’s value will also depend on how “complete” it is. That means if you want to get the maximum amount, your vehicle will need its engine, transmission, wheels, and doors. Most importantly, your vehicle will need to have its catalytic converter—this is probably the most expensive part of your car for scrappers.

Different types of damage—such as fire or water damage—could also reduce the value of your vehicle. But, at the end of the day, most junkyards are happy to pick up your car and take it off your hands at no cost. That in-of-itself could be more than enough payment for someone that wants to get a significant eyesore off their property.

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