What Electronic Items Can Be Recycled?

Electronic recycling centers process a wide range of different equipment, accessories, and parts. Most facilities will accept the following common electronics and others without any issues:

Cell Phones



Telephone Equipment

Copy Machines


Fax Machines



Audio and Video Equipment


Power Tools




Non-LCD Televisions from after 1991

This list is far from complete; Fort Lauderdale electronics recycling services can accept many other items. Generally, as long as there is no mercury, lead content, or other hazardous conditions, it can be recycled.

Before recycling electronics, it’s best to assess what you need to throw away and make sure the facility you’re working with can accept it. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call and verify that your items are fine before making a trip or scheduling pick-up services.

[H2] Items You Can’t Recycle

A well-equipped e-waste facility can process most things, but some items are more likely to be rejected than others. Some items that are problematic for recycling services in Fort Lauderdale, FL, include LCD televisions and monitors, older TVs that contain mercury, or cathode ray tube TVs with lead content. If you are trying to get rid of one of these items, contact your local hazardous waste authorities for advice.

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