What Kind of Scrap Metal Is Worth the Most?

Scrapping metal can be a simple way to earn extra cash—or even make a living if you invest enough time into it and get a steady stream of metal scrap to sell. To get started, you should learn about the types of junk that are most worth your time. While scrap metal recycling prices fluctuate, these three types tend to fetch the most cash:

Copper: As one of the most expensive metals, copper is highly sought after by scrappers. High-grade copper can earn as much as $2.85 per pound. However, lower-grade copper is only worth about $0.25 per pound, so make sure you know what you’re bringing.

Brass: Plumbing fixtures and pipes made of brass can sell for as much as $1.44 per pound when prices are high. Keep an eye on the market to determine the best time to scrap brass goods, or try contacting different scrap yards to research your selling options.

Aluminum: Another popular type of metal scrap is aluminum, specifically the kind found in home siding, window frames, and aluminum cans. Aluminum can earn up to $0.65 cents per pound.

Other metals are also valuable but less common to find in large quantities. Regardless, you can contact your local scrap metal pick-up service to determine whether you have junk that can fetch a good price.

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