Catalytic Converter Recycling

Please note that we do not buy or recycle catalytic converters from private individuals or the general public.

Who We Serve

Fort Lauderdale Scrap purchases catalytic converters from companies and professionals related to the automotive industry, including:
  • Auto Recyclers
  • Metal Dealers
  • Muffler Shops
  • Repair Shops
  • Towing Companies
  • Mechanics
Catalytic Converters Scrap

Request a Quote

Call now if you operate one of the company types listed above and are looking to earn top dollar for your catalytic converter scrap. To ensure an accurate quote, be sure to text or email three pictures of your converter as described below:
1. Picture Including Serial Number
Catalytic converter with serial number
2. Picture Taken from Above
Catalytic converter above angle
3. Picture of Inside
Catalytic converter inside picture