FAQs about Junk Removal

We aim to help keep the planet green and prevent further environmental decay. Our recycling and junk removal services are our way to contribute to this movement.

We understand you may be unsure about some things related to recycling and waste disposal, and we’re here to answer those questions.

What kinds of junk are recyclable?

Electronic devices that have already outlived their usability are often up for recycling. They are referred to as e-waste and include the following:

  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • Cameras
  • Smartphones

E-waste often ends up in landfills instead of recycling; according to the EPR Waste Association of South Africa, only 17.4% of all e-waste is recycled worldwide. We are dedicated to providing computer recycling services and other e-waste recycling services to help get this figure higher.

What kinds of e-waste can Fort Lauderdale Scrap Metal recycle?

We can recycle electronic items like laptops and cameras as well as household appliances like microwave ovens and lamps. For computers and laptops, some of the ones still usable can be donated to schools or sold online. If you do not want to pass an old gadget on to someone else, we can take it off your hands.

Electronic recycling should be done with safety measures since most devices contain lead, mercury, or other dangerous chemicals. At Fort Lauderdale Scrap Metal, we follow all crucial steps for safety before recycling.

Why is it important to recycle e-waste?

E-waste is an environmental threat that will only continue to build up and eventually pose serious problems if ignored. This hazardous waste should be reused, recycled, or disposed of properly. These are pollutants to lands and oceans because some appliances and gadgets contain dangerous chemicals.

Recycling electronics that contain precious metals like gold and palladium is part of what we do. If recycled properly, these materials can be put to good use.

When should we recycle electronics?

Some people keep old gadgets around even after upgrading to a newer model or equipment. This makes e-waste hard to manage, making it easier for these devices to end up in landfills. It is advisable to recycle your gadgets or appliances when upgrading to a newer model or equipment.

What happens to recycled e-waste?

Businesses can refurbish still-functioning gadgets and resell them. Some are also into disassembling used electronics and looking for parts that can be used and sold. We recycle some of these devices or appliances for plastics, copper, and aluminum.

What about my data?

The risk of your data falling into the wrong hands is a valid concern, and Fort Lauderdale Scrap Metal leaves no trace of your data when we recycle. Rest assured that your information is always safe and protected from people who may take advantage of it.

During the process of electronic recycling, we make sure to eradicate any trace of data you want from your electronic devices. We do this by hard drive shredding, and we issue certificates of destruction afterward.

What other junk removal work can Fort Lauderdale Scrap Metal do?

We will pay for your scrap metal and junk cars as long as we see their value for reuse and recycling. Junk removal isn’t simply discarding debris from properties; it’s also a way to evaluate how much of your discarded goods can be reused and recycled. We follow professional standards for training and cleanliness in our work.

Why should scrap metal be recycled?

The main point of recycling scrap metals is to protect the environment by avoiding landfill clogging. It is also an easy way to earn a bit of cash. These recycled scrap metals can be repurposed and used in other industries, such as construction.

Where is scrap metal recycling done?

We have scrap metal recycling and disposal facilities to bring your scrap metals to. We are the ones who do the processing, bailing, resource reclaiming, and more.

What materials does Fort Lauderdale Scrap Metal accept?

Our highly trained staff can recycle anything, including:

  • Electronic Devices (i.e., Laptops, Cameras, Smartphones, and Desktop Computers)
  • Appliances (i.e., Refrigerators, Stoves, Dishwashers, Washers, and Dryers)
  • HVAC Units (i.e., Heaters and Air Conditioners)
  • Auto Parts
  • Vehicles
  • Furniture

Please note that we don’t accept TVs.

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