Post-Industrial Plastic Recycling

If your warehouse or manufacturing facility needs Plastic Recycling Services in South Florida and has plastic materials that need to be recycled, Fort Lauderdale Scrap can help. Fort Lauderdale Scrap can handle it all if you are searching for plastic film or PVC pipe recyclers in South Florida. We are the best environment-friendly plastic recyclers in South Florida.

Stop paying money to landfills and start recycling your post-industrial plastic waste. Have any materials at your warehouse? Call, text, or email Fort Lauderdale Scrap to find the best solution for your plastic scrap recycling. We can work with you to streamline your plastic waste removal while saving you both time and money.

Woman Counting Plastic Bottles

Here are the type of plastics we recycle:

  • Agricultural/Farming Industries
  • HDPE and PVC Pipe
  • Agricultural Plastic Films
  • Plastic Poultry Holding Areas and Greenhouse Materials
  • Plastic Troughs, Irrigation Piping & Field Covers
  • Dairy Industry
  • Plastic Beverage Crates and Cartons
  • Blown Plastic Bottles
  • Aerospace And Aviation Industries
  • Plastic Sheet Cut-Off
  • Plastic Pallets and Totes
  • Medical Supply Industry
  • Plastic Medical Equipment and Machinery
  • Obsolete Plastic Tubing
  • Plastic Film and Parts
  • Construction And Infrastructure Engineering
  • Plastic Pipe