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Pickup Services

We are able to pick up scrap at your site either through our bin service, boxes or with the equipment required to meet your needs. We provide all kind of trucks, boxes, self-dumping hoppers, bins and a construction renovation or demolition project needs to dispose of its scrap metals and keep the site tidy. We also manage our pick-up services to a client’s schedule to provide in time services. While you’re more than welcome to bring your scrap metal to our recycling center, we know that it is not always convenient or even possible of moving the scrap metal. In order to avail our pickup services, you should know following things.

• We can arrange free of cost Pickup services for customers.
• Material should be placed out of facility/house with easy access of truck/vehicle.
• We buy any kind of metal. We don’t buy TVs.
• No hazards will be accepted where material is located. It will save yours and our time.
• We will not go inside facility/house to get the scrap metal out. It should be placed outside the house/facility.
• Special item (heavy industrial item) should be removed from metal.
If any pickup service/project needs a lot of cleaning dismantle involving heavy machinery. You can send us pictures. We can quote you accordingly,
• Customer will get paid when customer bring material to our yard (only for residential pickup)

Please inquire for our pickup services

Please read carefully.

  • • 20 yard charges $150
  • • 30 yard charges $150
  • • 16 ft. flatbed charges $60
  • • For other vehicle price will be quote after accessing your project.
  • • All prices are subject to change.
  • • All charges will be deducted from material brought to us.

We do not pay for smaller quantities to be picked.

Must be placed in secure area.