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Fort Lauderdale Scrap Metal empowers others to save energy and the environment. We are your team for the responsible disposal of electronic recycling scrap in Fort Lauderdale, FL. By hiring our team, you are doing your part in cleaning up the community. Request a pick-up service today and clear out old technology the safe way.

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Thanks to our skill and experience, you have everything you need to dispose of old electronics, metal scrap, and more. To schedule a pick-up service, please fill out the form below. We offer our scrap pick-up services to both commercial and residential clients. On top of that, we offer computer recycling services that can also include data disposal.

We make it even easier to schedule your electronics recycling day. When submitting your request, be sure to include your contact information and preferred date of service. To streamline your service, we highly recommend that you list the items you plan to dispose of. Your information allows us to adjust our methods to meet your needs.

Thank you for doing your part in keeping our community clean. Feel free to contact us if you need more information about the proper disposal of electronic waste. We serve Fort Lauderdale, FL, and the surrounding area.